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Weekly Writing Challenge: Snapshots, Or: Buddhism On Market Street

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It’s cold. Not freezing, but it’s getting there. If I return to this street a month from now, it probably will be. San Francisco’s Financial District never changes. Oh sure, the stores change. But the people don’t. It’s the same crowd shifting and flowing down Market Street’s dingy sidewalks. The overbearing smell of McDonald’s breakfasts wafting out a sliding door. A group of guys in jeans and dreadlocks selling rap CDs outside of Walgreens. A hundred people wait at the crosswalk. The pressure is immense; you can get crushed within this mass of flesh and fabric. Eyes on the signs and opportunities, friends and lovers and coworkers chatting. A businessman speaking Spanish into a cell phone, loudly. Two Japanese school kids, busily texting with heads downcast. Hands shoved into coat pockets, scarves hiding visible breaths. I can hear the drum players over by Kearny, their music surging forth on…

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Jace makes Teen’s list of YA Book Boyfriends

So true

TMI Source

Jace Wayland Morgenstern Herondale Lightwood is certainly one of our book boyfriends, and the folks at Teen.com feel the same! Jace made Teen’s list of Young Adult Book Boyfriends.

Jace, The Mortal Instruments


Similarly to Four, Jace has a tough exterior. However, it’s when he shows his vulnerability around Clary that completely makes us melt.

Who are some of your other Shadowhunter Chronicles boyfriends? Leave your book BFs in the comments!

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Cleopatra’s story

}{ Chapter 1- THE BEGINNING
}{ Chapter 2- GROWING UP
}{ Chapter 6- TRUE LOVE STORY
}{ Chapter 7- LITTLE SECRET
}{ Chapter 9- LEGACY

“Dream as if you’ll live forever and live as if you’ll die tomorrow.” James dean
 “…The Cleopatra mystery has caused many great minds to ponder why
exactly would someone who had it all, just loose it? Why would
Cleopatra die over Mark Antony’s failed attempt to be a leader? She
didn’t die for Julius Caesar, why Mark Antony? Is it true that the
third husband was better than the first and second? If so, then
Cleopatra has definitely proven that second isn’t always the best and
that first is definitely the worst.” I barely caught those last words
before I purposely clicked off the TV, Uncle Mike was home. Yes I live
with my uncle, my parents died when I was just four months old, or so
I was told. Since then I’ve been living with Uncle Mike, Cleopatra and
all things Ancient extraordinaire. Ask him anything related to
Cleopatra, Ancient Egypt, the Roman Empire and BAM you’ve got yourself
a one thousand page essay in one long, long, LONG conversation. Uncle
Mike is trying to uncover the true meaning behind Cleopatra’s actions;
after all she was no coward. He was hoping that the media wouldn’t
find out he is up to but obviously that’s not the case, this whole
thing is stressful enough without the media’s pressure. But I am
definitely, absolutely, positively not going to be the one to drop
that bombshell. We had an awkward dinner and I quickly went off to my
room, I was about to drift asleep when I heard a sudden knock on my
door and in popped in Uncle Mike. “Hey, look kid I know this whole
thing is hard on you bu-” I quickly cut him off before he could start
one of his “I’m not an awesome uncle” speeches. “You’re just fine” I
replied, and I just couldn’t stop myself I fell into a coma-like
sleep. Suddenly there was an intense burning on my skin; it was as if
I was on fire. I immediately kicked off the blanket not wanting to get
up. I saw flashes of people I never knew but remember waking up
screaming because of a nightmare I once had of them. Could they
possibly be my parents? My family? Could the beautiful woman with the
black flowing hair and tan skin that almost every whit girl try to get
but fail be my mother? I’m not much to look at, typical twelve year
old girl, usually ignore by the other boys and girls, but hey the less
they saw the better. The more I thought about this the worst I felt.
There was a dead irritating buzz and then I felt myself falling even
though I hadn’t dared get out of bed. I fell and fell until a tremor
ran down my spine to my feet and then I was aware of nothing but the
numbness. Then I was gone, like someone had turned off my life switch.

Chapter 1
The beginning
 “In my dreams, I could be a Princess, and that’s what I was. Like
most little girls, I believed nothing less than a Prince could make my
dreams come true.”- Loretta Young. It seemed to be an ordinary day in
Alexandria, Egypt same hot smoldering atmosphere. Dull blue sky, it
seemed oddly familiar to the scene before the unexpected citizens get
assassinated…quiet…too quiet. Ok this is just annoying. Then the
bell rang the bell that announces the birth of another royal, born
with golden spoons in their mouths. Meanwhile in the palace endless
preparations were being for the celebration of the birth of a baby
girl named Cleopatra. When Cleopatra’s mother looked at her she saw
bravery, curiosity and an urge for helping others in the baby girl’s
eyes. She was indeed different from the others: Ptolemy xiv {14th},
Ptolemy xiii {13th} Theos philopator, Arsinoe IV {4th}, Berenice IV
{4th}, Cleopatra VI {6th} but change and difference aren’t always bad
and are sometimes for the best and this was one of those times. There
was no doubt in Cleopatra v and Ptolemy xii {12th} Auletes as they
looked at their new born daughters eyes that she would rule with
empathy, love and care for her kingdom as if it was her own family. At
that time both of Cleopatra’s parents were aware of the sibling
rivalry that was about to come with the battle for the throne.. On
this October 69 BC all of Egypt would be turned upside down.
Chapter 2
Growing up
 “What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality.” Plutarch.
One might argue that Alexandria is ruled greatly. Ptolemy xii {12th}
Auletes and Cleopatra v {5th} have ruled for a long time and their
reign will live on. Ptolemy born in 117 BC and was the illegitimate
offspring of lathyros {Ptolemy ix soter ii}, he didn’t receive the
throne and instead it was given to his younger brother, usually the
throne is given to the eldest sibling and that send off a spark of
ignorance inside Ptolemy but instead of fighting he came to
Alexandria, Egypt to rule after the death of Ptolemy xi Alexander ii.
Ptolemy is a master flute player and is usually referred to as the
“bastard” or “the piper”. Cleopatra v Tryphaena was born in 95 BC and
is the sister of Ptolemy xii Auletes who she later married, it sounds
twisted that brother and sister should marry each other but for the
rulers that is no more than a simple tradition.

 Cleopatra born in 69 BC is the daughter of Ptolemy xii and Cleopatra
v Trypaena, she grew up with the stars and the riches. She had the
best education and learned how to speak fluid Aramaic, Ethiopic,
Hebrew, Latin, Greek, Roman, Syrian, Troglodyte, and Egyptian. She
tongued her words like a stringed instrument she was after of a family
that ruled after the death of Alexander the great. She had an endless
amount of jewelry and attended only the most exclusive events. It’s
safe to say that she was the princess of all princesses. Cleopatra
lived an exciting and intriguing life happily waiting her turn for the
throne, she studied about politics and what it was like to rule, the
responsibilities and duties of a ruler, she was indeed fascinating and
was on edge waiting her turn. But then something happened that gave
Cleopatra a look into what it looked like in the eyes of a person
obsessed with greed and power. What was even more shocking was who the
person was and just what exactly they had planned.

“Dream as if you’ll live forever. Live as if you’ll die today.” James Dean
 In 58 BC Ptolemy xii Auletes was driven out of Alexandria for
bribing the Romans, in his absence he left his sister/wife and their
eldest daughter Berenice in charge. Cleopatra was a fragile little
girl when her father left. She only knew a little from what had happen
because one night she was lying in bed when she overheard two of the
servants talking about how her father tried to bribe the roman capital
and how Pompey was coming after him, whoever Pompey was. Cleopatra
believed even at such a young age that no one should be talked about
as less than and she wanted to point that out to the two people
debating her father’s future outside but she knew that if she dared
put a foot outside she would be in trouble with her parents, for two
reasons. 1) she was up past curfew, even if she was a royal, daddy
believed in proper sleep, whenever Cleopatra tried to talk her way
around him, he always got her by saying “every princess needs her
beauty sleep”, 2) technically she was eavesdropping, what a buzz kill.
So instead she climbed back into bed and surprisingly fell asleep. Now
here she was hearing the same thing again and boy was she mad, “the
servants had been right” she thought. Cleopatra wasn’t mad that
Berenice was beside her mother and not her, she had waited for this
moment a long time and she deserved it. Cleopatra knew her time would
come. She just didn’t know how soon it would come.

 Cleopatra woke up to a bright, calming morning. The sun was out, and
that got her really excited it had rained all week and so she didn’t
get to go out to the garden and smell the sweet scent of flowers, or
sit at the fountain and watch the water flow down in streams like
crystals and diamonds in a fairytale land where the water changed
color to reflect your mood. As amazing as the morning was there was
something to it that screamed danger up ahead. Was it the way the sun
brightened and dimmed? It was like someone who was sad trying to put
on a happy face; the sadness would always envelope their face casting
a shadow upon their most beautiful features. Or was it the stiffness
Cleopatra felt as she sniffed the air around her? Something dark was
going to happen and ruin this beautiful day, she just didn’t know what
is was.

 Mother came in her room with the most beautiful dress Cleopatra had
ever seen in her life, it was a close fitted mermaid tail red dress
with gold and silver lining, the way it flowed reminded her of plays
where the prince would sweep the unexpected beauty he fell madly in
love with into his arms. Mother caught Cleopatra staring at it and she
looked away in embarrassment, it was obviously hers, she hope her
mother didn’t see her fantasizing. Mother looked depressed and there
were deep hollows underneath her eyes, she wasn’t her usually happy on
the go self and Cleopatra wondered, what could possibly be going on
that would make her mother look like this? She handed Cleopatra the
dress and was about to leave when Cleopatra caught her by the wrist
and asked “what’s going on?”, she said one sentence, one sentenced
that changed Cleopatra’s future and proved to her the power of words.
“Your time has come.” And the she walked out the door. Cleopatra
quickly put on the dress, suddenly nothing else mattered. She went
downstairs and found a group of people she never knew waiting, waiting
for her. If today was anything beside beautiful it was confusing.
Cleopatra recognized the man who had his back to her immediately; he
was the one who prepared the future ruler, kind of like an internship.
But why was he here for Cleopatra? And where was Berenice? Shouldn’t
she be the one he was congratulating? Ugh!!! This is so frustrating.
All of these things ran through Cleopatra’s head as she frantically
looked around the big room for her mother and to her surprise she saw
her father too.
Cleopatra wanted to why everything that happened, well happened. Why
was she chosen? And again where is Berenice? She asked over and over
again hoping the muted faces would answer as if to make it worst each
time she said Berenice her mother would start sobbing. Now Cleopatra
was definitely scared. Finally someone spoke up and Cleopatra suddenly
wished they hadn’t. Berenice was dead. The worst part was her father
had her executed, beheaded. Cleopatra was suddenly afraid for her
safety. If her father could kill her sister with no mercy just so he
could get the throne, wouldn’t he do the same to Cleopatra? What made
her so special?

Chapter 4

 Life at the palace was bleak and boring, Cleopatra had no one to
talk to because her sister was dead and she was forced to go about her
day as if nothing had happened as if the throne was rightfully hers.
From what Cleopatra saw she made a vow to never take away the voice
from other people, she knows all to well how it hurts, the feeling of
regret. If she had only known what was going to happen, she could have
made a compromise. To have her sister take her place, or even let
their father rule for another year, something, anything that could
have saved her sister. Saved a life and Cleopatra started crying, she
never wanted to hurt anyone and she hoped her sister knew that,
wherever she was. Cleopatra would take her throne and rule with free
will by her side. She would be a prominent leader and never let anyone
suffer. Cleopatra had no idea she had to put those words into actions
sooner than she would ever imagine.
 When Cleopatra woke the next morning she saw tear stains on her
pillow and wondered just how loudly did she scream in her sleep, but
it didn’t matter anyway. The more the saw how she was suffering the
more they would think before they act. There was a knock on the door
and then someone slipped a note inside. From the looks of it, it was
probably an invitation for a wedding. It was decorated with bells and
written in amazing penmanship were the words Cleopatra. When she
opened it were the words congratulations on your wedding, it will be
taking place tomorrow and you will be marrying your brother, your
mother would like to speak to you and ask that you meet her in the
garden, and wear something nice! Cleopatra was confused, terrified,
she didn’t know what to do. How could she? She was anxious, counting
down the minutes before she will meet her mother and brother, she
refused to call him her fiancé or husband, absolutely not. When
Cleopatra got there Ptolemy was there along with her mother, what a
surprise. Where was her father? “I am glad he didn’t come” she
thought. He’s done enough harm. Cleopatra argued with her mother while
Ptolemy xiii just sat there. Didn’t he want to marry the girl of his
choice? Cleopatra looked up two times because she felt someone’s stare
on her and when she turned and look It was him. Why was he staring
her? Did he..like her? Cleopatra Argued with her mother and she wished
her brother would help her. It was official Cleopatra would marry her
brother, have no voice. There was only one thing left to do, she had
tried reasoning. Now it was time for her to do what she wanted not
what her parents wanted. “My voice counts too!!!” thought Cleopatra
and nobody is going to change that.

 Love is like a friendship caught on fire. In the beginning a flame,
very pretty, often hot and fierce, but still only light and
flickering. As love grows older, our hearts mature and our love become
as coals deep-burning and unquenchable. BRUCE LEE. Oh how Cleopatra
wished she had someone to talk too, someone who would love and care
for her, someone who wasn’t a mother but a soul mate. Cleopatra
remembers reading love stories about Helen of Sparta, Menelaus & Paris
of Troy. It was about a woman name Helen that was caught in a love
triangle, two men, and one woman. It’s extremely hard to be in a love
triangle. You have to choose between two people that you love and
would never hurt. I love my brother, but on a scale from mild to
intense its mild thought Cleopatra. Ptolemy and Cleopatra were going
to be married in two hours. Cleopatra preparing herself was lost in
thought until finally someone cleared their throat, it was Ptolemy.
“Do we not knock anymore?” asked Cleopatra hastily. “No” replied
Ptolemy “Didn’t think it would matter, since we’re married” and that
really sent off a spark in Cleopatra. She never wanted to marry her
brother, why couldn’t people see that.
 After the ceremony Ptolemy swept Cleopatra off her feet, smiling
triumphantly. “Why is he so happy?” thought Cleopatra. They left the
room of cheering people behind and then everything was a blur. When
Cleopatra woke she was alone and that truly felt amazing, a peace of
mind. At least he did something right.

Chapter 6

 “I need Ptolemy, where’s Cleopatra?” was all anyone could hear at
the palace. “What’s going on” asked Cleopatra, it was weird waking up
next to her brother. Disgustingly weird.
“Nothing” he replied and I knew that was his way of saying “get up and
find out for yourself”. When Cleopatra got downstairs she found out
that Rome and Egypt were in some kind of conflict, probably from when
Pompey had chased her father out of Alexandria. “You will be meeting
Pompey to discuss the situation” said an annoying voice Cleopatra
didn’t even look up to see who it was, she didn’t need too she already
knew who it was, her father. Surprise he decided to show up. “Probably
looking for someone else to have beheaded” thought Cleopatra.

 When Pompey arrived, Cleopatra understood what the annoyance in her
father’s voice was, he was hesitant. Pompey wasn’t coming on his own
he was fleeing Rome and coming to Alexandria, he would be captured on
the way and “discussing” the situation meant killing him, Cleopatra
thought this was her fathers decision but it wasn’t , it was Ptolemy
her brother/husband’s brilliant idea. Why do they think violence will
solve all life’s problems? MEN!
Once again Cleopatra felt hopeless. Cleopatra would be having another
visitor later in the day and he would restore her hope and be her
savior, her knight In shining armor, Julius Caesar. When he arrived
Cleopatra was speechless he was stunning, handsome and walked with a
confidence not even Ptolemy could master, he reminded her of Alexander
the great, silly isn’t it. He looked at Cleopatra and winked and she
knew that he was the one. Ptolemy saw how Cleopatra looked at Julius
and he was extremely jealous. He had Cleopatra banned from Alexandria
but was later reinstalled as queen with the help of the Roman
military. She once again proved that we can work together and
compromise. Ptolemy was killed while fighting with another brother and
Cleopatra ruled Alexandria, Egypt alone. Cleopatra then became
pregnant and later bore Julius Caesar a son, his name Caesarion.
Cleopatra followed Julius back to Rome, where he was assassinated in
44 BC. When Cleopatra returned to Egypt, she found out that another
brother was dead, Ptolemy xiv {14th}. Cleopatra then had her son
Caesarion rule beside her. While Mark was in Rome, he received a
message that said Cleopatra was dead, died giving birth probably,
another message was later delivered saying she was still alive, but it
was too late. Mark had purposely fell on top of his sword because he
thought a life without Cleopatra is a life not worth living.

Chapter 7

While Cleopatra was mourning the death of Julius Caesar in Rome she
met Mark Antony. Mark astonished by the beauty of Cleopatra, he
followed her back to Egypt and became her “love slave” Meanwhile in
Rome, Mark Antony’s wife Fulvia was causing catastrophe with the
Roman administration, headed by the Roman general Octavian. Mark
Antony returned to Rome to try an smooth things out with his wife but
when he got there he found out that she died and that left an awkward
space between Octavian and Mark. Antony did what any good roman
soldier would do, he married Octavian’s sister, Octavia. Mark
impregnated Octavia. Meanwhile, back in Egypt Cleopatra was giving
birth to Antony’s twins.

Chapter 8

 It takes a lot out of a woman to be in a tug of war of hearts. It’s
hard to choose, Cleopatra had to rule her country and put up with the
constant nagging of men. She had Mark Antony, Ptolemy, and Julius
Caesar on her case and has proven that it’s hard work to be a beauty.
Cleopatra named herself the reincarnation of Isis, an Egyptian goddess
married to AMON, AMON is the Egyptian god of fertility. Many Egyptians
have been disgraced by Cleopatra because of her love affairs with Mark
Antony, her brother Ptolemy and Julius Caesar but she didn’t care what
others think, she didn’t want to marry her brother, so why should she?
What someone else thinks is tradition is different from what you think
about it yourself. Many people adore Cleopatra for her defiance
against others and for being the last pharaoh of Egypt.

Chapter 9
Cleopatra ruled Egypt 21 years a generation before the birth of
Christ. She lost her kingdom twice, had a child with a married man,
three more with another Caesarion, Cleopatra Selene ii, Ptolemy
Philadelphus, Alexander Helias. She has an asteroid named after her, a
video game, a slot machine, a strip club, synonym for Elizabeth
Taylor, and a play written by Shakespeare. Cleopatra died at the age
of 39 and legend has it that Cleopatra slept with a snake next to her
and it bit her, the poison killing her within seconds. Cleopatra will
always live in our hearts.

I woke up startled, I looked around everything was familiar, of course
it is, you idiot. I thought it’s your room. But wasn’t I in ancient
Egypt just a moment ago. I wonder if it was real. Like any of it. My
head hurts, I thought. But I am definitely not going back to sleep,
had enough of that. I got out of bed and headed to the source of the
amazing smell, I was so hungry I could and would eat an ox. We sat
down for breakfast…or was it lunch? “How long have I been sleeping?” I
asked uncle mike. “Uhh…not long enough, kiddo” he replied, “You
usually don’t wake up at 8 in the morning on Saturdays” “8!!!” I
screamed. “Yes, 8” he said. We ate and then I went off to shower while
he watched TV. I wanted to say something but I guess was afraid he
might think I’m psycho. Whenever I brought up the topic he would just
slide it off and say maybe they just really loved each other and I can
take a hint, he doesn’t want to talk about it.

“Dream as if you’ll live forever and live as if you’ll die tomorrow.” James dean